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Intriguity CAD on Demand > Solutions > 3d Modeling Servies

3D Modeling Services:

Intriguity Cad on Demand provides customized cad modeling services for jewelry designers, retailers & manufacturers. Based upon the data provided by the customer, our Cad team based in Mumbai will produce a 3D model using software products like Rhino, RhinoGold & RhinoJewel. The model will be rendered to give a realistic feel that can be further used for marketing and communication purposes. Our Cad modeling services are unique in a way that we focus on the customer requirement rather than offering something readymade. Customization is the key to products today. In an era where customers are buying even shoes which are customized to their requirement, jewelry is much more personalized and luxurious to be added to a shopping cart online. Hence, it requires uniqueness that can be only offered through customization.

Our company has designers with extensive experience in the domain of 3D modeling thereby allowing them to understand & produce customer models with a great deal of accuracy & aesthetic appeal. Our designers first try and understand your requirement in great detail & then send you a rough model for comments. On approval, the model will be finalized and submitted for approval. This entire process is made extremely user friendly through our back end CRM which is specifically developed for our requirement. We have high end workstations suited for 3D modeling and the latest version of 3D modeling software’s such as Rhino 5.0, RhinoGold 4.0, RhinoJewel 5.0 & VRay.

Our endeavor is to give our customer the best possible solution for 3D Jewelry modeling in the fastest turnaround time. Depending upon what package you buy, our charges for 3D modeling can be as low as US $ 34/- for a simple model and US $ 49/- for a complex model.

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