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Intriguity CAD on Demand > How it works

Step 1

Customer Purchases “Modeling Service Packs” from our Website, payment done through Credit Card/SWIFT transfer.

Step 2

Customer Account is created on Intriguity Customer Relationship Management Application.

Step 3

Customer can upload Job Incidents ( Designs with images/sketch/photographs ) and provides model parameters such as dimensions, stone details, weight of model through Intriguity CRM

Step 4

Designers at Intriguity Cad on Demand produce 3D Model as per customer specification and upload them back on the CRM for approval

Step 5

Modifications are requested and communicated through our CRM until the final model is approved by the customer.

Step 6

On approval, the 3D Model & rendered image is uploaded in the CRM for download and can be further used/submitted for 3D Printing/CNC Milling etc by the customer.

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