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Intriguity CAD on Demand> About Us
Intriguity has 2 offices in India – Mumbai & Pune. The Mumbai office is dedicated to the jewelry industry & the Pune office is catering to the engineering and dental industry.

Our Mumbai office has a team of highly experienced Cad designers to execute the projects for Intriguity Cad-on-Demand. The designers work on HP workstations with high end graphics and space ball mouse. The company has software licenses from Rhino, RhinoJewel & RhinoGold. Apart from the Cad team, the Mumbai office also has a sales and service center for Solidscape’s range of 3D Printers and Authorized Training Centre for Rhino software.

Our Pune office caters to the dental & engineering industry with sales & service center for Alibre 3D Cad software, Scansystems 3D Scanner & Imes Icore products for the dental industry.
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